Very Inspiring Book Blogs

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award is flying like an angel around the blogosphere, touching down on many of the dedicated and inspiring people out there dedicated to books and writing and sharing the word on literature.


So congratulations to the following for being nominated, you are all an inspiration to me and I thank you most kindly for nominating Word by Word.

Thank you:

  1. Lizzi at These Little Words – Thoughtful considered reviews,she reads a mix of contemporary recent publications and favourites from the shelf waiting to be read.
  2. Sandra Danby Author of Ignoring Gravity – a new blog for me, but I am soon to read her book, so watch this space.
  3. Jacqui at Jacqui Wine’s Journal – Long-time reader and tweeter, new recruit to blogging, excellent shelf of reads with a penchant for translated fiction and a connoisseur of wine! Also part of the Shadow Jury for IFFP – see Stu below.
  4. Nancy at Ipsofactodotme – Out of The Comfort Zone Reading more like it, Nancy is Inspiration extraordinaire, taught herself to read in French through reading classic French literature, with a cat and a Heineken for company, while living in the Netherlands, I love the eccentricity and achievements of inspirational bloggers!

The award has the following rules:

  • Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
  • List the rules and display the award.
  • Share seven facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
  • Optional: display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.

Seven Things About Me You May Not Know:

  1. Golden Plover - the other life...

    Golden Plover – the other life…

    The first time I went on a date I had to ride 6 kilometres across farmland on my horse to get there.

  2. I learnt to drive on a Massey Ferguson tractor with no second gear.
  3. I was once an extra in a film called ‘Bedlam Britannica’ a documentary about how the British treated their mentally ill. My role was a lunatic, part of a patient’s hallucination.
  4. When I was travelling in India, someone asked me if I was Japanese.
  5. Now people ask me “Vous êtes Anglais?”
  6. I once attended two weddings in subsequent weekends; the first was in Beirut, the second in Lagos.
  7. I love the sea and sometimes wonder how life might have unfolded had I said yes to that job on a tall ship sailing around the world.

So Fifteen Book Bloggers That Inspire Me Today:

  • The Lonesome Reader – I will read anything and everything he reviews, whether I like the book or not, Eric is an inspirational and aspirational reviewer, one of the best. His reviews read like compelling essays and I know Col (see below) is a big fan of his too.
  • Vishy The Knight – Diligent reader, lover of books across genre, the most comprehensive reviews ever & the kindest, most attentive blog commenter in history.
  • The Only Way Is Reading – When Col gives a 10 (check out his awesome rating system) I absolutely have to read the book, introduced me to Primo Levi.
  • The Writes of Women – Reviews of Books By Female Writers, Influential Opinion Maker on Books @Frizbot
  • Winstons Dad – Stu is the Super Champion of Translated Fiction and Chair Person of the Shadow Jury for IFFP (International Foreign Fiction Prize), a Translation Activist who reads around the world!
  • HeavenAli – Unearths and Rediscovers Forgotten Books, has read more Persephone Books than Anyone I know!
  • My Writing Life – Julia Hones, a creative spirit writing, reading and sharing insightful and compassionate pearls of wisdom, a place to rest a while.
  • A Life In Books – Susan is an ex bookseller and knows what’s coming out, writes informed reviews and contributes to the conversation.
  • Book to the Future – SteJ reads books with the weirdest covers ever, he thrives on finding the literary bizarre and his reviews and blogs are compelling and original. Blogging shines a bright light out from under the bushel for this one.
  • KimberlySullivan – Kimberly is based in Rome but travels a lot and writes amazing short stories and she goes to the Matera Women’s Fiction Festival every year!! One day I’m going to meet her there! She is total inspiration and gets out there and achieves her dreams and reads and blogs and juggles kid stuff.
  • Thinking in Fragments – Alex is a thinker, a reader and comes to blogging having left the academic world which we are all the richer for having her valued presence and contribution to our virtual world.
  • Books and Reviews – Elena, Spanish Feminist, I came across her wonderful blog when we both read Carmen LeForet’s Nada at the same time, inspirational indeed!
  • ReadEng. Didi’s Press – Well Deidre is up there in the North of France and I’m down here in the South and one day we’ll meet in the middle, I love her, love her blog and A D O R E her Youtube channel! She’s evolved into a SuperStar BookTuber, Go Girl! Love all her recommendations, and she’s great to listen to. More on Youtube than the blog these days. I’m sure we knew each other in a previous life. J
  • Mes étagères en franglais – What dedication, reading in French and English, she puts up her reviews in both languages, dedication to books and reviewing and the French/English languages. Bravo I say!
  • Biblioglobal – Another champion of reading around the world, across cultures, translated fiction and fiction written by those who live or come from other cultures, always love visiting here.

Wow, that was hard work! And sorry for those I missed, there are too many to choose from, so many great blogs by writers as well as readers, I hope you enjoy the selection and find someone new to visit and follow. Just click on the title to go there. And of course, no obligation to those nominated to participate.

After all that, I need a little inspiration from Matera!

24 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Book Blogs

  1. Great seven facts! You are SUCH an interesting woman! I wonder what else there is to know about you. Maybe I’ll nominate you if I get the award!

    You know a lot of blogs that I haven’t even heard of. At least half of the list are new to me. Nice!


  2. Thank you so much!! I am really flattered! Thank you as well for all your great comments on my blog, they are thoughtfull and always constructive. I am indeed dedicated, it is hard work to translate everything but it is definitely worth it, I got to know your blog! 😉


  3. Thank you, Claire. I appreciate your comment about my blog.
    I love your blog and I will be slowly checking all those blogs you recommend!
    Keep up your inspiring blog!


  4. Thank you, Claire! I’m honored. You had better work that first date story into one of your novels – that’s too good. : ) Oh wow, what a great Matera-Happy video. Put a smile on my face this morning. Grazie!!


  5. Lovely post, Claire. Thank you so much for the mention and your kind words. I’m delighted to hear you’ve also been nominated by three others! What interesting facts you’ve mentioned – I love the thought of the first one!
    I know some of the blogs on your list, but others are new to me – I look forward to exploring them.


  6. Congratulations, your high standards of blogging excellence have been recognised and this pleases Ste more than finding a shiny gold coin in the gutter, buying a chocolate bar and getting that final golden ticket.

    Thank you for your kind words, I shall have to up my game and keep the weird covers coming, any excuse to go to the bookshop is not a bad thing though.

    I didn’t know any of those facts about you but they are by far and away the best facts I have ever read in one of these award posts. I must seek out Bedlam Britannica now…


  7. “The first time I went on a date I had to ride 6 kilometres across farmland on my horse to get there.” And now, in my head, this is the most romantic date ever.

    I’ve probably said this a dull amount of times now, but I’ve loved seeing this award travel round – I’ve found so many new blogs from it to enjoy.


    • Thanks Alice, I still remember the excitement of that date and the venue ( a polo match in which my date was playing) and the necessity to leave before dark for the return trip home. Thanks for visiting and commenting. 🙂


  8. I love the facts about you! You’ve had such an interesting life! I especially love the fact you travelled by horse to your first date. You’ve also picked a great selection of blogs, some of which are new to me. *heads off to investigate*


  9. Thanks Claire for all of the love! I’m flattered – a You Tube superstar? That might be a little exaggerated, but thanks again for the compliments! I LOVE your blog too. I’m always amazed by how well you write and know you will one day be published. I’ll be your first fan! Thanks again Claire! 😀


    • You’re a superstar in my world Didi! You are the only person I follow that has gone on from the book blog to develop a YouTube channel and a following, from your perspective it may not seem so as you see lots of others 🙂

      Thank you too for your compliments, they inspire me to get back to writing other things! 🙂


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  12. Congratulations Claire! Your blog is one of my favourites and I look forward to reading every post. It was also wonderful to read the seven facts about you. Someone asked you whether you were Japanese – really? 🙂

    Thanks for nominating me and for the kind words. I feel so honoured.

    I can’t wait to explore some of the other blogs which have inspired you. They all sound so wonderful.



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