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You can follow me and/or contact me at the following places:

Word by Word – where I write my thoughts on books I’m reading

Twitter @clairewords – where I share reviews, links mainly about literature

Instagram – @clairemcalpine  – where I share what I’m currently reading

Instagram – @flairesse – inspiration related to my interest in aromatherapy, energetic healing

Goodreads – where I write my first impressions of books I’ve read

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  1. About The Wall by Marlen Haushofer tr. Shaun Whiteside: I am German, working at a liberal arts college in the US. I was asked to read a poetry and prose example of literature in German and then provide an English translation. My prose choice is to read a bit from The Wall by Marlen Haushofer, which I only have in German. Would you be able to send me the translation by Shaun Whiteside, if I send you the paragraph I am intending to read? Thanks in advance! Tom


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