Triple Choice Tuesday: Word by Word

Today on Kim Forrester’s blog, Reading Matters, I share three books that have been significant in my reading life so far. To find out what those three books were and why they mattered to me, click on the link below:

Triple Choice Tuesday: Word by Word.

12 thoughts on “Triple Choice Tuesday: Word by Word

  1. Great choices! After reading all the comments on Kim’s blog, I thought I’d come comment over here. I think I own Birds Without Wings, so now I am very excited to get to it. All have been added to my list!

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    • There’s a little circle with a number inside it that you have to click on to open the comments box, it took me a while to figure out how to reply to the comments there too.

      Well thanks you for coming here to let me know that you too saw the beauty of Birds Without Wings, it’s a wonderful book that has always stayed with me. I hope you can find a copy of Hummingbird, I think they are relatively scarce!


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