Episode 8: Ten Months of Bliss and Facing a Return to Work

Once over that initial hurdle, Allia blossomed and apart from that long scar, there was nothing to indicate there had ever been a problem. She was a happy, contented baby who loved to smile and engage with those around her, especially the band of eight and nine-year-old girls who lived in our apartment building and were frequent visitors.

For the first ten months I was able to stay at home with her, working a little, practicing aromatherapy, however I knew it was going to be necessary to find another full-time job, living in London demands it, all the more so when there is an extra mouth to feed.

Until this precious little girl came into my life, I never really questioned working long hours or weekends and I had thrived on the opportunity to travel with work. Now, I couldn’t think of anything worse – to leave this child behind, absolutely not, she had extinguished my desire to seek out the unknown, I found myself dreaming of safer pastures, the more familiar.

For the first time in eight years of living in London, the city that I thought had become my second home, I thought the unthinkable – maybe it was time to return to New Zealand?

P.S. This is what Allia came up with when I said this episode was about us having 10 months of fun times hanging out together, going to the park etc, I just love this picture, although my husband says that first one isn’t true! But her imagination is brilliant. Enjoy.

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7 thoughts on “Episode 8: Ten Months of Bliss and Facing a Return to Work

  1. Beautiful post and I love the pictures! It’s funny how motherhood changes us as women. I took the leap and ordered the magazine. It should arrive sometime this week. Thanks for the heads up on that. 🙂 I’m really loving this series of posts you’re doing – so sensitive, honest, and heart-felt. Keep up the good work! You should definitely do NaNoWriMo this year.


  2. God I wish I could hold her in my arms and hold her tight and tell her how much I love her.So beautiful Claire, while reading this I realise how much I miss you both xxx your sis xx


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