and the Man Booker Prize winner is…


The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton

I have just put it aside on page 508 to watch the presentation and I could not be more pleased!

Congratulations to our young and so talented novelist, from whom we will no doubt see much more.

The book is still alive and rather than cower under the threat of the alternative entertainment available to people today, they are taking the book to the masses.

According to the Man Booker Prize website, there is to be a free event at London’s Regent Street Apple Store, where Eleanor Catton will discuss her book and what it means to win the prize.

I hope Apple are offering the books for sale and not just their own devices to read them.

Ok, a big event is about to take place in the book too, so I’m off back there to find out what’s happening.

32 thoughts on “and the Man Booker Prize winner is…

  1. Yay!!! I knew it. I haven’t read it yet but my copy has been ordered for a while now and I’m waiting for it to come from the US. It was part of my birthday presents. You must be thrilled Claire. Can’t wait to read it ! How are you finding it?


  2. That’s awesome! I got a reviewer copy of the US version, so glad this book is going to have the amazing life it deserves.


    • So am I, it had the odds stacked against it, being of such a great length and the writer being from what is considered by many, a country of little literary merit.

      It is a wonderful accolade for Eleanor Catton, a very talented writer, a tough act for her to follow!


    • I actually didn’t finish her first book The Rehearsal, which is an experimental novel, but it is one I should go back and reread. I have read some of her short stories in Granta since then and just knew she was brewing something stunning to follow. That she has been in the sights of Granta for a long time was a significant clue that she was one to watch.


  3. I walked into my local Indie bookshop to ask about a book I’d ordered, and they were celebrating with her publishers rep who happened to be there – and ordering another thirty copies…so exciting for us NZ book worms !!!


    • I do hope you bought the book home! A book instead of the handbag, that was what that was all about. 🙂

      It is an ambitious book Valerie and I would love to hear what you make of it. There is talent and much hard work between these pages.


  4. This is wonderful news, Claire! So happy to know that Eleanor Catton won the Booker yesterday! Congratulations to her! (And as a fellow New Zealander, congratulations to you too :)) Way to go New Zealand, you beauty!

    Can’t wait to read your thoughts on the book.


    • It is wonderful news for New Zealand too Vishy, the second author to ever win the Booker Prize and it was many years ago that Keri Hulme won with The Bone People, quite a challenging novel.

      It is a fascinating novel, the story, it’s layers, it’s hemispheres, she reminds us that novel does indeed mean new and unique.


      • Wonderful to know that, Claire. Eleanor Catton must have made all your countrymen and women proud. Glad to know that you are enjoying her book. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts. I am ordering it tomorrow 🙂


  5. WHAT FABULOUS NEWS….WE DIDN’T GET THE AMERICA’S CUP….BUT THE BOOKER REPLACES THAT LOSS…. I’m loving it wish I had more time to read it as it’s such a ride. xa


  6. I really did enjoy the Luminaries, and I loved the way she read the excerpt the night before. She was so enthusiastic! Of course, until she explained that each chapter was half as long as the previous one, I hadn’t realised about that aspect of the structure. I did notice something going on at the end though! Great to have a New Zealander win the prize as well.


    • It is a wonderful book and she is interesting to listen to, each interview I have heard she shares something new about her approach to writing and it is illuminating. It will be interesting to see what she comes up with next, yet again, something completely different to what has come before I am sure, she even speaks of her book as a project, as if it is an artwork or installation and not just a novel.


  7. I’m a slow reader, or at least how much time I get to devote to reading is limited. At any given time I’m reading two though… one on the kindle whilst peddling the bike.

    I can get rather overwhelmed by all the works out there to read. Here’s to all the author’s who gave so much of themselves creating their works.


    • Reading while cycling sounds dangerous Nelle!

      I read at night, although this current book would take me weeks if I only did that, so I have been waking up earlier and reading for half an hour in the morning, I try to read about 50 pages a day but even that’s not always possible and a book of 800 pages requires a bit of extra effort. There is so little time but I am a committed reader and I try to avoid the many other distractions out there which steal time from the reading experience. 🙂 Half an hour a day is good.


  8. Looks like we here in Canada are having a splendid week! First it’s Alice Munro winning the Nobel, now Eleanor Catton, who was born in Canada before moving to New Zealand when she was six. We’re celebrating another win as ‘ours’. 😉 Have put a hold on this one in our local library. Look forward to your review of it.


    • Absolutely! Canada’s star is in the ascendant, I do hope Eleanor Catton’s book sells well in Canada too, she mentioned dual hemisphere’s in her interview last night on the BBC and I am sur the fact that she has such strong connections in both is part of her creation.


  9. I will try to swallow the slight bitter pill in the knowledge that Eleanor is my age. My age, and I have yet to put pen to paper. I haven’t yet read The Luminaries, but it is definitely next on my list.

    It is so good to see that the book is still alive and well and people still value the written word! Good job, Eleanor and keep writing and inspiring us:)


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