An Ode to Love or a Dear John?

Now that I have taken the bold step to create a blog, I guess it should come as no surprise that I am subsequently contacted out of the blue by a new author who has asked me to review her book, ‘Seven Days to Tell You’ due for publication on June 1st 2011.  So here it is and thanks again Ruby.

‘Seven Days to Tell You’ could be renamed ‘Seven Days to Figure It Out’ except that it is sure to take less than seven days to read because once you start, this book has a way of hooking you in and stirring your curiosity in an unputdownable kind of way.  It shifts and changes in time and point of view, keeping you wondering and guessing through its many twists and turns.

 Ruby Soames first novel succeeded the vote of bookclub readers whose opinion influences which novels are chosen for publication by Hookline Books and I can see why this riveting, page turning novel was enjoyed by so many and undoubtedly hotly discussed.

Kate is a paediatric doctor not given to wild, spontaneous acts, so surprises some and generates envy in others when she marries the wild, charming and mysterious Marc, a Frenchman she meets during a brief encounter at the end of an otherwise disappointing holiday.  She appears to have proven the doubters wrong, until one day three years into their marriage, Marc disappears without trace.

After three fruitless years searching for him, Kate is beginning to rebuild her life when she wakes one morning to find the familiar form of her errant husband in bed beside her.  He asks for seven days to prove his love, seven days to spend together before she makes her inevitable decision.

Soames doesn’t give anything away and is adept in her use of the unusual second person viewpoint in much of the narrative, which makes reading her story a little like reading a private letter or prying into someone’s journal; it’s not written to you the reader, it addresses Marc and like eavesdropping on a conversation, you find yourself trying to fill in the gaps to figure out what’s not being said.  It is only through the more reliable interactions with other characters that the truth begins to emerge. 

Often unpredictable, you will want to discuss this book and the relationship it describes with your friends, the intrigue it arouses continues long after the last page is turned.

13 thoughts on “An Ode to Love or a Dear John?

  1. Well I’m very grateful for your review Claire. It was very kind of you to review my book and I’m so thrilled that you liked it. Not only liked it, but understood, appreciated and analysed it so sensitively and perceptively – you saw things I wasn’t even aware of! It is strange, after you write something, you think you know it so well and yet every reader adds something more to it.

    So huge thank you from me.

    And great blog! I’ve subscribed and look forward to reading more of your news and reviews.

    Ruby X


  2. Thanks Claire…and Ruby…Sounds so good. I certainly would read it…love to see the cover…it will be very important. Love the essence of the book so intriguing. Deb [SW member] [Debra Shawcross Farmer Love Hearts Found … facebook page]


    • Thanks Carol, its been a little quiet on the blog front over the summer, so I was inspired by your comments to put a new review up yesterday, hope you come back to read it. Claire


  3. Claire: I also love your blog and your reviews of books are clear, concise and have a wonderful voice to them. I can’t wait to read Seven Days-that sounds like a great book. I’m going to subscribe to your blog and keep up with some great books. Thank you for reviewing!


    • Thanks Michele, I love writing about books and always find myself inevitably on the Books pages, when I read the News online. I’ve discovered that sharing my passion is just as much fun,so thank you for your encouragement, I appreciate it.


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