The Female Archangels by Claire Stone

Reclaim Your Power with the Lost Teachings of the Divine Feminine

the female archangels Claire StoneAlongside everything else I like to read and as you may have noticed on this blog, there is a section called Spiritual Well-Being, these are the books that I often have at least one of on my bedside table.

They are like a night time vitamin, or a daytime source of empowerment, most definitely in the feel good category and often offering practical solutions or alternative ways to perceive common life situations and issues.

The Young Scotsman Who Empowers Through Angels

I’ve been a fan of Kyle Gray’s writings on the subject and when this recent volume came to my attention, with its focus on 11 of the female archeia, at the dawn of the age of Aquarius, as the divine feminine aspect is rising, I jumped at the chance to read it.

We are astrologically positioned on the cusp of the Aquarian Age (a 2,160 year cycle) which makes this the perfect time to get to know the female archeia. This is a prophesised time of the feminine rising back into her power. BY healing your life and restoring your sacred feminine essence, you’ll receive a head-start in smoothly adjusting towards the new paradigm of the great shift.

I have my own personal relationship with a few of the archangels and this was like an invitation to a gathering, to get to know a few more, for my own self-healing and self-empowerment.  I wondered why I hadn’t been aware of this focus on the female archangels before, and it seems they too have been wiped out of history, like the voices and wisdom and narratives of so many women. They didn’t fit into the way our cultures have been conditioned, thus becoming invisible.

As was extensively outlined in Riane Eisler’s The Chalice and the Blade (1987) and the more recent Nurturing Our Humanity, How Domination and Partnership Shape Our Brains, Lives, and Future by Riane Eisler and Douglas Fry (2020), we have been living under a societal system of domination predicated on force and fear.

We rush, we push and force. While these qualities serve us well at times, it’s not natural to be int his state constantly. Knowing when to slow, to surrender and wait are qualities of the feminine. A balance of both allows us to embrace life fully while taking time to ‘smell the roses’.

Inspiration for living can come from numerous sources and there is something both nourishing and nurturing about these new feminine energies and possibilities that resonates and connects us with something within that has waiting for this, they can lead us but the real benefit comes from our own active participation in using the various tools to listen, see and follow the guidance that comes from within and in seeking to connect with and support others to create harmony. 

Eleven Female Super Energies to Cultivate In You

The eleven archangels that Claire Stone shares in her book, are just a few of the many, her personal favourites.  They each align with other systems that some may be familiar with, such as the chakra/energy system, gemstones, both of these provide clues as to the characteristics that she can assist with. It doesn’t require a belief system on the contrary, this is something that is easier to work with when belief systems and conditioning have been or are in the process of being dismantled, and an open mind cultivated.

ArcheiaTwin Flame
Lady Ariel – Root ChakraArchangel Raziel
Lady Amethyst – Third Eye ChakraArchangel Zadkiel
Lady Aurora – Solar Plexus ChakraArchangel Uriel
Lady Charity – Heart ChakraArchangel Chamuel
Lady Christine – Crown ChakraArchangel Jophiel
Lady Faith – Throat ChakraArchangel Michael
Lady Haniel – Sacral ChakraArchangel Nathaniel
Lady Hope – Sacral ChakraArchangel Gabriel
Lady Mary – Heart ChakraArchangel Raphael
Lady Shekinah – Earth Star ChakraArchangel Sandalphon
Lady Seraphina – Stellar Gateway ChakraArchangel Seraphiel
Female Archangels Claire Stone


On her website, she has even created a simple quiz that you can participate in to see which archangel, might be of assistance to us right now, or you can just read through the eleven and intuitively see who you are drawn towards. Rather than tell you about any of them, I would encourage you to find out yourself, by initially taking the quiz.

Take the Quiz

Which Female Archangel Can Accelerate Your Growth? 

There are suggested rituals or meditations you can follow or create yourself. These can be adapted to suit your own particular practice, they are excellent for creative inspiration and provide a focus that moves us away from thinking about a situation, into actively doing something symbolic that can transform the energy around it and alter our perception and boost our inherent intuition in a way that is healthy and healing.

It thought it was excellent. I began reading it as an e-book and when I realised how much of a reference it was, I bought a print copy and look forward to reading it again and focusing on the two that stood out for me that I want to work with.

Claire Stone is a Hay House UK author, and holistic practitioner of many therapies, designed to equip participants with resources and technique to reawaken their gifts and empower themselves.