A Love of Words and Music

I have been struggling a little to finish ‘The Maid and the Queen’, what with school holidays, the French presidential elections (which I voted in for the first time), working on promoting my Aromatherapy business and socialising more than usual, including attending an excellent concert of the cult singer/artist ‘Camille’ at Le Silo in Marseille on Friday.


No one song can possibly represent what a performance by this artist represents, she sings, uses her voice and body as an instrument, dances barefoot in her sacking dress and easily extracted volunteers from the audience to participate.  She is total inspiration, if you would like listen, here is a sample ‘Mars is no Fun’.

So no book chat today, instead I will share a fun word cloud tool that I discovered thanks to Elodie at  ‘Commuting Girl’ called Tagxedo into which you can copy any text or enter your blog or website name and the tool will analyse the content and show you which are the most popular words and how often they are used.

So Voila! For this blog ‘Word by Word’, here is an image of the most common words used and I am delighted that the word ‘Word’ is indeed such a dominant feature.

Intrigued, I decided to put the text of my ‘sitting on the shelf’ novel as I have always wondered which words I might be over using.  So I am not going to say anything more about the novel, except that it is called ‘A Piece of the Mosaic’ and here is a clue to what lies within.

So what does your blog, novel, poem,story look like?

33 thoughts on “A Love of Words and Music

  1. Sheesh – you’re very busy (and congrats for voting in France – how cool!). I really shouldn’t moan that I don’t have enough time to do things, considering how much other bloggers get up to!

    Just done a ‘tagxedo’ for my blog. I think it’s only used the posts that are still on my ‘home page’ – but even so, I’m pleased that ‘weird’ is one of the biggest words! Also got; ‘metaphor’, ‘inherent’, ‘narrative’, ‘reader’ and… (somewhat tellingly of the books I review) ‘death’. Ahem.

    Many thanks for this, – it’s awesome!


  2. Clarie, love the link for Tagxedo….just used it to see how my words about Caesar’s Women would look in a “cloud”!


  3. What a cool link! I’m going to hop on over there right now and try it out! Félicitations on your first time voting in France. We are so fortunate to live in countries where we have the right to freely express our choice.


    • Thanks Patricia, I hope you share your word cloud too, such a fun tool and wonderful images/shapes.

      Yes, so true regarding The Vote, we are fortunate indeed, though even here it was not so long ago that women were given this right – women have had the right to vote since 1944, so another good reason to make sure it is one that counts.


  4. I ran one chapter through it. Aside from names, ‘apple’ and ‘picking’ came up big. 🙂

    What genre of music does Camille play? I’m thinking of Kate Bush as one who performs to her music.


    • Picking apples with characters, sounds like it has potential for something eventful 🙂 But what did your blog could look like? Just put in the web address, that would be interesting too, I am sure.

      So Camille is possibly like Kate Bush meets Bjork, a real presence, uninhibited and with the audience in the palm of her hand. A mix of English and French songs, but definitely an international sound. I hope she goes international, the two Americans in our group said her performance would definitely go down well in the US.


  5. Yay Claire! 😀 First félicitations pour avoir voté! I am always super happy to see the percentage of voters in France, love it! I have the voting power to my dad for me as I couldn´t yet vote directly in the French consulate here in Germany.
    I love the clouds you did! Thanks for linking me by the way!


    • Thanks Elodie and wow, a great link, everyone is having fun trying it out.

      Sorry to hear you couldn’t vote, that was me last time, I’d been out of NZ too long to be eligible there and hadn’t been in France long enough to be eligible. It felt great to be a part of it and to watch it all and I really enjoyed the coded language on twitter at #LeDebat and then on the night at #RadioLondres. The French metaphors were so funny, I think twitter has developed a whole new comic genre and it was at its best on election night.


  6. This is great! I’ll link to a tagxedo next week when the post comes up in my queue. (And congrats on the vote – I know how important they can be for people depending on your views and locations :-D)


    • WordPress has added a box underneath all your blog comments (on other blogs) which reads ‘Notify me of follow-up comments via email’ and they seem to have set the default to a tick in the box, I noticed I was getting lots of comments from other blogs too.

      If you click on Manage my Subscriptions in the email and then delete all the comments subscriptions that are in the list, it will stop you being sent them, but be careful when you comment to ensure you unclick that box.

      Alternatively go to Dashboard, Blogs I Follow, Comments and Unsubscribe from them all.


  7. Hi Claire 🙂 I just watched Camille’s video Mars Is No Fun. I’ve never heard about her before and I just learned about her from you. Her music is beautiful and soothing.

    Tagxedo sounds cool and I’m going to try it on my blog!

    And wow, you’re a busy lady, so God bless you on all your endeavors! Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog… I really appreciate it. 🙂


  8. Sometimes I can’t say what I love more, words or music, but they do go hand in hand, don’t they? Cadence and rhythm indeed make language sing. And I can easily get a sense of what it is about Camille that so inspires. Thank you for the link to her musc . . . And the ever-so-intriguing word cloud. Something to share with other writer/friends


  9. Tagxedo is awesome. I made myself an apple of words. Sounds like you have been really busy lately. Kudoos to you voting. I hope to be able to do that in the next election 🙂


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  12. Thank you for having your word heart shared on google… 🙂 I have linked back to this space, and I hope you do not mind. Do let me know if it is inappropriate, and I shall remove it 🙂
    I love the easy way you write.
    Thanks in anticipation of your permission :), and for the visit to my space as well, 🙂


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