4 thoughts on “Senteurs & Saveurs – The Artemisia Museum, Forcalquier

  1. Hi

    Congrats on the Yoga activity…I hope you are now on your way to a full daily yoga practice etc. I LOVE the minimalism of this museum. When on Mez I found a shop ONLY to be found in France….It had everything my hands and brain seemed to want in the head/hardware division. I bought a cedar “rock” onto which you drip cedar oil and have it nearby…they said for moths of course, I say for good living.

    Sound like you have given up all teaching? Heading into the full body/soul massaging etc.

    RF goes to San Fran. next Friday to meet Swyft ….They came and meet us here…invited us to meet them…they lead the world in Auto Retail and the founder is Gower Smith a NZer from a farm in Hastings…he has lived in USA for decades .

    Should they wont to invest/buy a portion of RF ….I’m their man. We need heft.

    I had lunch with Dan Turner from BuyBox who got bought out 2 yrs ago….He’s now freelance and has offered to be a mentor for RF…wonderful. Good man too.

    My days are tough as I negotiate through waters I simply aren’t cut out for…yesterday was horrid…Net Work Rail not returning calls etc etc.

    Same old same old Britain in a lock down fucked up mood….Where are the young in power.

    x A


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